Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tree of Life

Listening: After dinner we stayed at the table and read the Scripture Story of Lehi's Vision as told in the Children's scripture stories. Then we let Andrew help read the "The Wonderful Fruit" Pictostory.

Pretending: We moved into the living room where I had previously set the stage for us to act out the Vision together. Each of us played a role. We did it several times and the boys never got bored with it. We wrapped a piece of wood with foil for the iron rod. The blankets represented the dirty water and the mist of darkness. They created a straight and narrow path. Our ficus tree was decorated with white popcorn balls which represented the tree of life and the fruit. The barn and little people were the great and spacious building.

My Little Nephi

Ryan kept "saving" the wicked people and bringing them to the "tree of life." My little missionary.

Singing: We sang the chorus of "Hold to the Rod" together several times until Andrew knew the words. We ended with "Popcorn Popping", of course.

Ryan "holding to the rod"

Snacking: We ate the yummy "fruit of the tree of life." (AKA Popcorn Balls)

1 Nephi 8
1 Nephi 11

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