Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good Samaritan

Opening Song: Kindness Begins With Me

Attention Getter: Give Each Family Member a Band-aid. Ask them to think of a time they were hurt. How did they feel? Who helped them? Let them put the Band-aid on the place that got hurt. (My kids love Band-aids). Tell them that you are going to tell a story about a man that was hurt and about the kind person who helped him.

Lesson: Read The Good Samaritan Story from the Children's Illustrated scriptures. (I chose to skip the part about them beating him up when telling the story to my little ones. I just said he was hurt). After I read the story we used Flannel Board Pieces to retell the story. (My mom had made some for us previously, but the link is to a set available to print online).

Activity: I had a larger image of the injured man that we laid on the flannel board. (just enlarge from the flannel board pieces or draw your own). We talked about how we can help our friends and family when they are hurt. We wanted to give the boys a chance to practice how to show compassion in different situations. We gave several examples of how to handle the situation if we hurt the person on accident (running into someone when playing chase), on purpose (pushing your brother), and when a friend falls and gets hurt. We walked through the appropriate behavior. After each example we let the boys place a band-aid on the hurt man to help him feel better.

Closing Song: Love One Another

Snack: We actually ate birthday cake in honor of two family members who live far away and share the same birthday. A themed suggestion would be heart shaped cookies.

Reality: This final picture is just to show that our FHEs are normal. By the end of the lesson, Ryan was finished and had laid down in the middle of the flannel board to let us know.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Baby

Our family held a special FHE to share our exciting news with our two little guys!

Opening Song:"I Lived in Heaven"

Lesson: We talked about where we lived before we came here and how Heavenly Father chose each of us to be part of our family. I showed a picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus and a picture of the earth. We talked about how there were other children who are also part of our family, but that they still live with Heavenly Father. When it is time for them to join our family here on earth, they come as babies. I showed pictures of our boys as newborns with mommy.

Activity:I had prewrapped several baby items like gifts. (baby rattles, bottles, nose syringe) As the boys unwrapped each item, we discussed why a baby would need these things. We talked about how much each of them has grown and discussed things that they can do now that they are big. (walk, feed themselves, color, blow their own noses, etc)... We talked about what they can do to help a baby.

Then we told the boys that we were going to have a new baby join our family. (Andrew decided it should be a sister, since we don't have one of those yet).

Activity Song: We sang "Once I Was a Baby" (to the tune of Once There Was a Snowman) From the Sunbeam Manual (we crawled on the floor like a baby and then grew taller).

Once I was a baby, baby, baby, once I was a baby, small, small, small.
Now I'm getting bigger, bigger, bigger. Now I'm getting bigger, Tall Tall, Tall.

Snack: We ate watermelon. (Insert your own pregnancy pun here). The real reason why though is because my grandma found out she was expecting my mother because she got sick eating watermelon. (The only time she was ever sick in 7 pregnancies).

Closing Song: "Families are Forever"