Saturday, August 16, 2008


On the way home from church last week, I told Andrew that our FHE was going to be about sharing on Monday night. This is the conversation that followed.

A-I don't want to learn about sharing.
M-What would you like to talk about?
M-We can talk about feelings. That sounds like a fun idea. What makes you feel like laughing?
A-Well, you see, what makes me happy is not sharing.

This is a really simple lesson that was a lot of fun and not really much prep work at all. It almost seems too simple to post, but someone might need a quick lesson one night.

Learning: These ideas are from the Sunbeam manual. Andrew really liked talking about his feelings and it was eye-opening to hear some of his responses.

My Feelings

Sometimes when I’m very sad (make a sad face),
My mother hugs me. Then I’m glad (hug self and make a happy face).

Sometimes when I’m very mad (make an angry face),
I walk away and talk with Dad (walk in place and nod head, as if talking).

If something ever frightens me (make a frightened face),
I say a prayer to comfort me (fold arms).

Then when I go out to play,
I’ll be happy every day (make a happy face).


Draw four large circles on the chalkboard. Draw in simple features to make faces showing different emotions: happy, sad, angry, and frightened (see illustration below). As each face is drawn, ask the children to describe the feelings expressed on the face, and then ask them to make their own faces look happy, sad, angry, and frightened.

  • • What makes you feel happy?

  • • What makes you feel sad?

  • • What makes you feel angry?

  • • What makes you feel frightened?

Share with the children a time when you have been sad, angry, or frightened and a time when you have been happy.

Singing: We sang "If You're Happy and You Know It," "The Smile Song" and "What Are You Feeling" (from Signing Time).

As a child, I was always a little freaked out by this old man that frowned and smiled, so I was really excited to find this idea that uses a simple braid and smiley face to sing the song with. We made two faces with frown/smiles for us to use in our lesson and with the songs.

Playing: Musical Smiley Faces: I printed out several smiley faces and placed them on the floor. We played several feelings themed songs. We paused the music and took away a smiley face each time (similar to musical chairs). Instead of leaving someone out, we shared smiley faces with each other until we removed enough that all of us were on the same smiley face and then had a group hug and a tickle fest!

Snacking: We made homemade ice cream sandwiches. They were yummy and simple to make. While we ate treat, we told "Knock Knock" jokes to each other. Ryan learned to say "Knock Knock" and then giggle hysterically. Andrew perfected the "Boo-who?" joke.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew is hilarious! "what makes me happy is not sharing" is classic. The honesty of children is so refreshing.
Thanks for the awesome ideas, some of us (and by us, I mean me) do not think this is simple. ;) -Christena