Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 3-Plants and Trees

We headed to a local park with a beautiful, wooded nature trail and picnic area to hold our FHE on the creation of plants and trees. We had our lesson, snack, and activity there.

Opening Song: Little Purple Pansies (CS 244)

Lesson and Food: We ate a picnic dinner at the park. All of our foods were plants. (strawberries, grapes, crackers with bean hummus, carrots, popcorn, cucumbers). We read Genesis 1:9-13 as we sat together under the trees.

Then we listed all the plants we could think of together. Being outside and eating fruits and vegetables helped spark ideas.

Activity: We went on a nature hike together and collected plants and pieces of land (rocks, dirt,etc...) in plastic bags to use on our art project later at home.

Closing Song: Leaves are Falling All Around (CS 241)

Art: We came home and created the third page for our Creation Book. Using contact paper, the boys stuck their findings from the nature walk on the sticky side and I folded it over and glued it to their page in the book.

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