Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daniel and the Lion's Den

MUSIC: We sang the chorus to "Follow the Prophet" and "Called to Serve"

LESSON: I gave each family member a lion mask I had printed on yellow paper and cut out ahead of time.

Lion Mask

I then read the following version of the Daniel and the Lion's Den story . Each time I said the word "Lion" I had the entire family put on their masks and "Roar" as loud as they could. I added in a couple of extra "Lions" in a few spots. As we read I asked questions such as "Is it a good choice to pray?" "Who was making good choices?" "How did Heavenly Father protect Daniel because he made a good choice?" The kids loved this part and listened hard to the words to hear when to "Roar."

GAME: We played a variation of "Duck, Duck, Goose" but instead said, "Daniel, Daniel, Lion" and roared as we chased each other.

ART: Paper Bag Lion Puppet. The boys colored these and we helped cut them out.

SNACK: The boys and I made lion cupcakes during the afternoon for FHE snack. We used yellow and orange icing, and M&Ms for the eyes. (These are not the ones we made. Ours were eaten before we remembered to take a picture. Oops)!

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Wendy said...

Danielle--I don't think I've seen your FHE site before--I love it! I think we'll do the Daniel lesson tomorrow. Thanks!

That's awesome to apply your years of teaching experience and lesson planning into FHE.